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Fear is one of the most prominent and primitive emotions human beings can experience. While it may have its place in some circumstances, fear is largely a limiting factor in our lives. Many people live with fear, anxiety, or worry without ever even realizing it. It can become such an ingrained and nearly constant state of mind that we don’t recognize its effects. Fear, however, has the unique capacity to limit your potential. It’s important to understand how fear can affect you to avoid its more pernicious outcomes.

  1. Fear Promotes Inaction

Many people are so afraid of rejection that they end up not acting on their desires or pursuing their goals. Simple things like asking someone out on a date can seem impossibly difficult when fear is involved. Progressing in your career also becomes difficult as a result of fear.

  1. Fear Keeps You in Destructive Cycles

It is not uncommon to get “stuck in a rut” when trying to overcome fear. Many of us will turn to activities that put a superficial salve over our fears and anxieties. Of course, this salve is impermanent and those fears are always going to be there. Destructive habits like substance abuse, alcohol abuse, eating poorly, and becoming otherwise inactive can come about as a result of fear. All of these things keep us from confronting our fears and acknowledging our hopes and dreams.

  1. Fear Tells You Lies

Fear and doubt are common emotions and are often linked together. But, both of those emotions are often based in deception. For instance, if you move up in your career, your brain may start telling you that you’re in over your head. You may feel out of place or inadequate in your position. It’s important to recognize that you manifested these outcomes with positive thinking. If you’re in a good position in your life, then you should understand that you deserve to be there. Fear will tell you that you’re unworthy. Don’t listen to it.

  1. Fear is Irrational

The human spirit is not meant to live with fearful thoughts. Fear is, by its nature, irrational, and it causes you to do irrational things. When living with fear, you may not seize opportunities that present themselves. You may cut yourself out of good relationships. Imagine noticing an object in the road while driving and slamming on your brakes only to realize that the object was a plastic bag. In most cases, the problems you’re facing are like that plastic bag and your fearful thoughts only seem irrational in retrospect.

  1. Fear Attracts Negativity

Using the Law of Attraction, it stands to reason that fear (and other negative thoughts) will attract negative outcomes. Fear is a universally negative emotion and it can overshadow any positivity around you. The more fear you feel, the more likely you are to experience greater negativity in other areas of your life.

Clearly fear is a powerful force, and it’s important to take control of it before it takes control of you. It is something that can limit your potential and personal growth immensely.