How To Treat ADHD Naturally


Although many people may not realize it, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder that can prove to be costly to its sufferers. It keeps many children and even adults from being able to focus and complete tasks in an orderly fashion. Many parents of children with ADHD worry that pharmaceutical drugs may do more harm than good. But, there are plenty of natural ways to mitigate the effects of ADHD, and many of them aren’t that difficult to accomplish.

  1. Start a Rigid Routine

Children with ADHD need to have some guidance and boundaries in their day-to-day life. If they are allowed to do whatever they want, then it will be difficult to settle them down when the time comes. Routines, however, can help keep children with ADHD focused and prepared for the rigors of each day. Start a morning exercise routine. Set aside a specific time to do homework or other necessary tasks. Make sure they get relaxation at the same time each day and eat on a regular schedule. Maintaining a rigid routine like this can help balance a child with ADHD so that they aren’t looking for new, more exciting things to keep their attention.

  1. Restrict Electronic Access

This tip sort of piggybacks off of tip number one. Make sure there’s time in each day set aside for using electronics like television, video games, and computers. At the same time, be sure to provide strict guidelines for how long your child can use these electronics and when they can use them. Electronics are one of the major distractors for children with ADHD, and limiting their exposure to them can work wonders.

  1. Monitor Their Diet

Preservatives and sugars in food have been shown to increase hyperactivity, especially in children with ADHD. It’s important for your child to receive a balanced and healthy diet that promotes the production of valuable amino acids, Vitamin B, and magnesium in their bodies. Many children with ADHD have tested low for these necessary nutrients. Make sure that your child’s diet includes these three nutrients, even if you have to supply them with supplements.

  1. Herbal Medicine

If you want to avoid standard medications, then natural, herbal medicines are a great alternative. Many different herbs are designed to soothe the nervous system and reduce hyperactivity, stress, and anxiety. Chamomile, passion flower, Valerian, lemon balm, and others have all proven effective at mitigating hyperactivity in children with ADHD. These natural medicines can also be used to help your children get to sleep on time. Be sure that you use the right dosage for children, which is generally about a quarter or a half of the standard adult dose.

ADHD is not an easy disorder to deal with for both the patients and their family. The best way to treat ADHD, however, is often with natural remedies rather than chemical-laden prescription drugs.