How to Treat Eczema with Essential Oils

Living with eczema is a daily struggle for which a true cure seems unlikely. Doctors can prescribe all manner of steroid creams and other ointments, but your skin may develop an immunity to them. If you have eczema, then finding a treatment that lasts may seem improbable (if not fully impossible). You may have tried stopgaps ranging from changing your dish soap to using a more eczema-friendly laundry detergent. These may have helped for a while, but, again, they don’t produce lasting effects.

Doctors can prescribe a wide range of topical and invasive treatments, but these potential “cures” are just guesses. In reality, every treatment is a guess, but wouldn’t you rather have more control of what goes onto your skin and into your body?

Many people have started using essential oils to treat their eczema. These oils are potent tinctures that can produce medicinal and cosmetic effects for your skin. Many people use essential oils to provide a lustrous glow that lasts longer than most other topical ointments. The biggest benefit of essential oils is that they are all-natural. You don’t have to worry about scary chemicals making their way into your body through the epidermis. But, do essential oils actually work for eczema patients?



Most essential oil guides will tell you to start off with lavender oil if you’re going to treat eczema naturally. Compared to other essential oils, lavender is actually quite delicate. It’s a good place to start for eczema sufferers with mild cases. It can help mitigate discomfort and keep you from wanting to scratch at affected areas. It may also be the cure you’re looking for.

Essential Oil Concoctions

More often than not, however, people with eczema need more powerful concoctions of essential oils to limit the discomfort. Essential oils often come with “recipes” for a wide variety of uses. Whether you want to improve your aromatherapy sessions or find an ointment that works for your skin, concoctions of essential oils are the way to go. But, which “recipes” work best for eczema sufferers?

Helichrysum, Frankincense et al.

One combination for treating eczema starts off with 2 drops each of helichrysum and frankincense. Then, add a drop of thyme and geranium. A good carrier oil completes this concoction. Coconut oil is good for use in the daytime because the skin absorbs it quickly, but grapeseed or avocado oil can work well at night. After you’ve applied the oil to the affected area, just cover it with gloves or clean socks to let the essential oils work their magic.

Geranium, Lavender, Cedarwood, Shea Butter

Another good essential oil combination for eczema is geranium oil (2 drops), lavender oil (2 drops), cedarwood oil (3 drops), and shea butter (1/20 cup). All of the oils here have historically been used for skin treatments. Shea butter is also a natural skin moisturizer.

Of course, no two skins are alike, and these concoctions may not work for you. But, there is almost certainly a combination of essential oils that can help treat your eczema problems.